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The 2008 Academic Year

29th-31st Mar. 2009

We presented our research works at the 76th meeting of The Electrochemical Society of Japan held in Kyoto University.

23rd Mar. 2009

Tatsuya Oohata, a bachelor course student, received The Hatakeyama Award of Japan Society of Mechanical Engineers.

23rd Mar. 2009

Commencement ceremony

10th Mar. 2009

 Farewell party for the students graduating this month


Dec. 2008

 Mr. Nobuo Uesaka, a master course student, obtained an encouragement prize at 18th Materials Forum by Students organized by The Iron and Steel Institute of Japan and The Tokai branch of The Japan Institute of Metals.

Oct. 2008

We presented our research works at PRiME 2008
(Pacific Rim Meeting on Electrochemical and Solid-State Science 2008)

Aug. 2008

Barbecue party at Toyogawa riverbank


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