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The 2010 Academic Year

23rd Mar. 2011 

Commencement ceremony


8th Mar. 2011  

Farewell party for the students graduating this month


16th Dec. 2010 

After the presentations of undergraduate theses, a year-end party was held.



11st Oct. 2010

Welcome party of Ms. Sachiko Banno, secretary.



6th-7th Nov. 2010

41th Annual Meeting of Union of Chemistry-Related Societies in Chubu Area was held at our University.

Fariza binti Mohamad (D2), Yuya Kusano (M2), Hidetaka Matsuo (M2), Kazumasa Adachi (M1), Miho Nagai (M1), Keita Maeda (M1), Junji Sasano (Assistant Prof.) made presentations.
Haruka Shimizu (B4) and Shinya Sugiyama (B4) participated as supporting staff.



27th Sep. 2010

Farewell party of Ms. Mitsuyo Ban (secretary).


14th-17th Sep. 2010

71st Meeting of The Japan Society of Applied Physics was held at Nagasaki Univ.
Fariza binti Mohamad (D2) and Yuya Kusano (M2) made presentations.

6th-7th Sep. 2010

122nd Meeting of The Surface Finishing Society of Japan was held in Tohoku Univ. Kawauchi North Campus.
Yuichi Adachi made a presentation.


2nd-3rd Sep. 2010

2010 Autumn Meeting of The Electrochemical Society of Japan was held at Kanagawa Institute of Technology.
Keita Maeda (M1) made a presentation.


19th-30th Aug. 2010

Mr. Hitoshi Fukui (Fujita Lab. Nara NCT) stayed in our lab. as an internship.


21st-22nd Aug. 2010

Joint Meeting with Matsuda-Muto-Kawamura Lab. (Dept. Electrical and Electronical Information Engineering, TUT) and Fujita Lab. (Nara NCT) was held.


20th Aug. 2010

We had rectures from Prof. Toshiyuki Yamaguchi of Wakayama National College of Technology and Prof. Naoyuki Fujita of Nara National College of Technology.

Prof. Toshiyuki Yamaguchi (Wakayama NCT) "Fabrication of CIGS and CZTS thinfilm solar cells"
Prof. Naoyuki Fujita (Nara NCT)  "Formation of nano-structured magnetic materials by wet processes"



9th-13rd Aug. 2010

Two students from Niihama National College of Technology stayed at the lab. as internship.


6th Aug. 2010

 We went to a beer garden.


27th Jun. - 2nd Jul. 2010
Renewable Energy 2010 International Conference was held at Pacifico Yokohama, Yokohama, Japan.
Fariza binti Mohamad (D2) and Yuya Kusano (M2) made presentations.


27th May 2010
Joint Meeting with Matsuda-Muto-Kawamura Lab. was held.

25th-30th Apr. 2010

217th ECS Meeting was held at Vancouver, Canada.
Fariza binti Mohamad (D2), Yuya Kusano (M2) and Tatsuya Ohata (M2) made presentations.

22nd-23rd Apr. 2010

A meeting of JST-CREST members was held at AIST.

7th Apr. 2010

Welcome party of newcomers in the lab. was held at Sakaki Park.


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