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The 2011 Academic Year

29th Mar. 2012

79th Annual Meeting of The Electrochemical Society of Japan was held at Act City Hamamatsu.
Haruka Shimizu (M1) and Kentaro Nishiyama (B4) made presentations.


23rd Mar. 2012

A testimonial dinner

23rd Mar. 2012

Commencement ceremony



1st Mar. 2012

Farewell party for the students graduating this month

8th-9th Jan. 2012

"NCT-TUT Joint Symposium on Solar Cells" under Cooperative Project of Toyohashi Tech.
with National College of Technology was held at Toyohashi Tech.

21st Dec. 2011

After the presentations of undergraduate theses, a year-end party was held.

28th Nov. - 2nd Dec. 2011

21st International Photovoltaic Science and Engineering Conference (PVSEC-21) was held
at Hilton Fukuoka Sea Hawk.
Shinya Sugiyama (M2), Takamasa Saitoh (M2), and Takayuki Ohta (M2) made presentations.

Mr. Sugiyama received PVSEC-21 Student Paper Award concerning the research below.
"Characterization of Zinc Oxide-Sulfide Thin Film for the CIGS Solar Cell by Chemical Bath Deposition"

29th-30th Nov. 2011

13th Kansai Hyoumen-Gijutsu Forum (Kansai Branch of The Surface Finishing Society of Japan)
was held at Campus Plaza Kyoto.
Yuichi Adachi (M2) and Miho Nagai (M2) made presentations.

Mr. Hitoshi Fukui (Nara NCT), who stayed in our lab. for two weeks as an internship last year,
received The Best Presentation Award.


5th-6th Nov. 2011 

42nd Annual Meeting of Union of Chemistry-Related Societies in Chubu Area was held at Shinshu Univ.
Junichi Ibuki (M2), Masanori Onoda (M2), Shintaro Takagi (M2), and Miho Nagai (M2) made presentations.

22nd Oct. 2011

Dr. Pauporté, Dr. Sasano, Mr. Itabashi, and Mr. Sugiyama visited Okazaki Castle.

20th-21st Oct. 2011 

A meeting of JST-CREST members was held at Toyohashi Tech. and Gamagori-Sou.

17th Oct. 2011

Dr. Thierry Pauporté gave a lecture in 10th Seminor of The Research Center for Nanophotonics Information Technology (NAIT)/78th Magnetics Research Seminar.

10th-25th Oct. 2011

Dr. Thierry Pauporté (CNRS/ENSCP) visited our lab. in relation to JSPS-SAKURA program.


14th Oct. 2011

After introduction of the researches from some members of our lab., an welcome party was held.

18th-19th Sep. 2011

Renewable Energy & Materials Tailoring (REMT2011), a post conference of ISE meeting,
was held at Kyoto Univ. Yoshida Campus.
Yuichi Adachi (M2) and Takayuki Ohta (M1) made presentations.

11th-16th Sep. 2011

62nd Annual Meeting of the International Society of Electrochemistry was held at Toki-Messe.
Takuya Matsumoto (M2), Kazufumi Murata (M2), Shinya Sugiyama (M1) made presentations.
Prof. Masanobu Izaki presented as a keynote speaker.

9th-11th Sep. 2011

2011 Autumn Meeting of The Electrochemical Society of Japan was held at Toki-Messe Niigata Convention Center, Japan.
Kenjiro Motomura (M1) made a presentation.

1st-2nd Sep. 2011

Under the SSH (Super Science High-school) project, SS technical science experiments and practical work courses for Jishukan High were held at Toyohashi Tech. 10 Highschool students made experiments in our lab.

29th Aug. - 2nd Sep. 2011

72nd Meeting of The Japan Society of Applied Physics was held at Yamagata Univ. Kojirakawa Campus.
Takayuki Ohta (M1), Takamasa Saito(M1), and Shinya Sugiyama (M1) made presentations.

25th-29th Jul. 2011

Four students from Nagano NCT, Wakayama NCT, and Kurume NCT stayed at the lab. as internship.

2nd Jul. 2011

BBQ at Sakaki Park after enjoying softball competition.

22nd Apr. 2011

Welcome party of newcomers in the lab.

6th Apr. 2011

One master course student and nine undergraduate students joind in our lab.

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