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The 2014 Academic Year

24th Mar. 2015

The commencement ceremony was held in AiPlaza Toyohashi

19th Mar. 2015

We had a workshop about Practical English Ability for International Research Activities
lectured by Ms. Miki Wada, a professional translator with some participants from
Energy Conversion Engineering Lab.
We also had a small dinner party after that.

27th Feb. 2015

Farewell party for the students graduating next month.

19th Dec. 2014

After the presentations of undergraduate theses, we had a year-end party.

25-26th Sep. 2014

10 high-school students from Jishukan High School have experienced research works
in our lab. under the program of super science high school (SSH).

13th Jun. 2014

Farewell party for our secretary, Ms. Hayashi, and for Dr. Sasano
, who were leaving for the U.S for half a year based on the Global FD program.

11th Apr. 2014

Welcome party of newcomers in the lab.

7th Apr. 2014

One master course student and nine undergraduate students joind in our lab.

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